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Health & Safety

The safety of our customers is our primary concern, please adhere to the following guidelines whenever you use candles in your home.


  • Always put them on a heat-resistant surface – TVs are not fire-resistant objects.
  • Make sure they are held firmly upright by the holder so they won't fall over; the holder needs to be stable too, so it won't fall over either.
  • Don't put candles anywhere near curtains, or other fabrics or furniture - and keep them out of draughts.
  • Don't put them under shelves - make sure there's at least one metre (three feet) between a candle and any surface above it.
  • Keep clothes and hair away from the naked flame - if there's a chance you might forget a candle is there and then you could lean across or brush past it, put it somewhere else.
  • Candles should always be sited out of the reach of children and away from areas that pets can get into.Leave at least four inches (10 cms) between any two candles.
  • Extinguish candles before moving them and don't let anything fall into the hot wax, such as matchsticks.
  • Don't leave them burning unattended – you should extinguish candles before you leave a room.
  • Never go to sleep with a candle still burning and never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child's bedroom.
  • Use a snuffer or a spoon to put them out - blowing them can send sparks and hot wax flying – and double-check that they’re completely out and not still smouldering.


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